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10 ways NOT to share the Gospel on Halloween

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Halloween Pumpkin

1. Give kids the choice between Angel food cake and Deviled eggs to see where they’re at spiritually.

2. Instead of candy, pass out fake $20 bills (the ones that are really gospel tracts in disguise.) But be warned, your house will be teepeed as a result. 

3. Throw pocket New Testaments at kids from behind the bushes and try to make it into the top of their candy bags.

4. Put a “Happy Halloween, now REPENT!” sign in your front window.

5. Dress up like Michael Myers (from the Halloween movie) and wander around your neighborhood. But, instead of a butcher knife, carry a Bible, the sword of the Lord. And instead of a mask, put on the helmet of salvation. Heck, just go as a Roman soldier. Better yet, stay at home. You’re a full-grown adult.

6. Answer the door as a zombie with a sign around your neck that reads, “Dead in my sins…”

7. Bobbing for Bibles.

8. Answer your door as a TV Preacher and tell the kids that, if they give you all their candy, God will pay them back a hundred fold.

9. Put a sign on your door that reads “No scares. No candy. Know Jesus!”

10. Make them watch any Christian movie from the 90’s. Truly scary.

Okay, all joking aside. Remember that Halloween is like door-to-door evangelism in reverse! They come to YOUR door!!!

Be generous with the candy and try to engage some of the parents in conversation. I’ve had several of these types of conversations lead to great Gospel opportunities over the years. Download the Life in 6 Words app for an easy way to share the good news on Halloween night (or anytime for that matter!)

What are some other ways NOT to share your faith this Halloween?

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