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5 ways Dare 2 Share Live could be a game changer for your youth group

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Greg Stier

Dare 2 Share Live is hard to describe.

It’s a one day outreach event where your teens do the reaching out.

It’s a live simulcast in 100+ cities from coast to coast where teenagers are inspired, equipped and unleashed to put their faith into practice.

It’s a catalytic event where teens make solid decisions to believe in Jesus and serve him with all of their hearts.

Throw into this crazy mix The Skit Guys, great speakers, Vertical Worship and a powerful drama and Dare 2 Share Live becomes a one-of-a-kind experience your teens will never forget.


Here are 5 ways Dare 2 Share Live could be a game changer for your youth group:

1.  It will inspire them!

Dare 2 Share Live takes almost thirty years of experience motivating teenagers through conferences, camps and curriculum and focuses it like a laser on inspiring teenagers during this one day simulcast event. From the speakers to the videos to the music Dare 2 Share Live is a fast-moving, highly interactive burst of spiritually charged inspiration.

And this year, for the first time at Dare 2 Share Live, in addition to the comedy of The Skit Guys, we are doing our own Dare 2 Share drama to pound home the serious points of the day in a visceral and highly motivational way. If your teens have never experienced a Dare 2 Share drama they are in for a highly motivational and spiritually transformational experience. Our dramas deal straightforwardly with the hard issues teenagers are facing today, combine it all with powerful acting and turn it toward the audience in a way they will never forget.

I believe this year’s original drama (written specifically for Dare 2 Share Live by our long time director Paul Romig Leavitt) is going to be a great inspiration for your teenagers to live and give their faith long after the event is over.

2.  It will equip them!

What good is inspiration if it doesn’t lead to transformation? That’s where our training comes into play. Teenagers will be equipped to share the GOSPEL message in a clear and compelling way. We will unpack the theology of the Gospel in a fun and interactive way and, by the time they leave the event, they should be able to articulate the core message of the Good News of Jesus.

Also, on the day of Dare 2 Share Live we should be introducing a newly updated faith sharing app to help teens share the GOSPEL clearly, interactively and collectively. Speaking of game changers, this app could be just that for teen evangelism. Pray as our team is working hard to make it available on or before October 12th!

3.  It will connect them!

One of the greatest things about Dare 2 Share Live is the connections made over the course of the 7.5 hours it takes to pull off the event!

Of course there are connections that take place in each of the 100+ auditoriums where Dare 2 Share Live will be held. It’s always great when teenagers in the same community see other Christian teenagers in their community who happen to attend other churches. Teens need to know that they are not the only believers at their school who are going to try to reach the teenagers at their school for Christ!

NOTE: Our prayer is that youth leaders will be connected as well. Our goal is that Dare 2 Share Live will launch and/or strengthen a Gospel Advancing network of youth leaders in each community who will continue to meet, pray and conspire long after the event. Their goal?  Every teen everywhere in their community hearing the Gospel from a friend! Their prayer? Youth groups across their city packed with new disciples made and multiplied!

But teenagers will also be connected with other communities across the nation through the coast-to-coast simulcast. On the Dare 2 Share Live app there is a “Social Wall” so that when teenagers use the hashtag #Fight2Win they will see messages, pictures and videos from teenagers attending the live event across the nation (and in a handful of other countries!)

This infuses these teenagers with divine confidence that they are not alone, that they are part of a bigger army. From Alaska to Puerto Rico and beyond there is a revival generation waiting to be connected and unleashed!

4.  It will propel them!

Dare 2 Share Live is an activation event. I’m fully convinced that one of the challenges with the typical youth conference is the absence of activation. Generation Z are not analyzers as much as they are activators. This is an experiential generation that wants to put feet to their faith and add mission to their meetings. 

And that’s exactly what happens at Dare 2 Share Live!

Teenagers are activated to pray, care and share! Teens spend actual time praying in the room for the spiritual transformation of their friends and the revival of their youth groups! They are unleashed to care for the community through service projects. Finally, they spend time sharing the good news of Jesus with people in their friend group and the people in their communities.

This brand of activation steels and seals their faith in ways a lecture never would or could.

5.  It will empower them!

Teenagers will discover that God wants to use them to reach their own generation for Jesus. As my friends at Word of Life often say, “Every generation has a responsibility to reach their generation for Christ.

Teenagers will also discover the importance of depending on the Holy Spirit as they share their faith. Evangelism provides an easy crash course on Spirit dependence. Before teens share their faith they are asking God (sometimes for the first time) for boldness to proclaim the Good News.

Just like Jesus told his young disciples in Matthew 10 not to worry about what to say but to depend on the Spirit while out sharing the Gospel, your teenagers will learn to walk in full reliance on the Holy Spirit.  They will discover that He goes with them to empower them for the mission Jesus gave us!

If you are ready for your teenagers to have a game changing, Gospel Advancing, soul transforming experience then sign your teenagers up for Dare 2 Share Live right now! Get your church kit and sign up today. October 12th is fast approaching and it’s gonna, by God’s grace, be a game changer!

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