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7 reasons you should use the brand spanking new “Life Series” in your youth group!

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Greg Stier

My close friend and ministry partner Zane Black along with his amazing team at Lovin Life just unleashed a new resource into the youth ministry world that you need to start using right away!

It’s called Life Series. These powerful, short and amazingly well done videos are specifically designed to help new believers to grow in their new LIFE in Christ.

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Here are 7 reasons you should start using them right away:

1.  They are solid.

Zane is the top youth communicator in the nation in my book and he is a solid theologian as well. Don’t let his “Yo bro, I’m stoked!”  fool you. He is a serious student of the Word and of culture. This series demonstrates his uncanny ability to use culture to communicate God’s truth in a powerful way.

These 7 videos hit the key subjects every new believer needs to know (God, God’s Word, Prayer, Community, Evangelism, etc) and the theology he unpacks in each of them is rock solid.

2.  They are short.

Far too many teen focused videos are far too long. The Life Series videos range from 3-5 minutes for the most part and they keep the attention of teenagers. They are short and sweet.

3.  They are cool.

Like Zane, these videos are super cool. Zane’s background in extreme sports and extreme living make these extremely fun to watch. Zane is a cool guy but is gifted to be able to communicate truth with a deep and compelling humility as well. Teenagers love him for that.

4.  They are spring boards.

The Life Series was produced to trigger conversations that can (and should) go deeper. If a teen leads their friend to Christ he/she can sit down with their newly believing friend and walk them through this series. A youth leader can do the same. These videos are springboards into deeper conversations about God and the Christian faith.

5.  They are unique.

Zane uses all kinds of settings (from surfing in Wisconsin to skateboarding at an indoor skate park to climbing a rocky cliff to playing hockey) to communicate spiritual truth in a unique and fun way. Every video is different. Every video is powerful.

6. They are flexible.

These videos were originally designed to help new believers grow. But you can also use these videos for your entire youth group. As a matter of fact you could do a Life Series in your youth group.

These are truths every teen needs to know. If I were using them I’d show a video, unpack it a bit more and then have teens break up into small groups to answer 3-5 questions about the subject the video covered. Use these videos for more than just new believers.

7.   They are free.

That’s right, no charge. Zane is so grateful for the free gift of salvation that he and his team decided to unleash these amazing resources into the youth ministry world at no cost whatsoever.

But if you want a Lovin Life T-Shirt or Hoodie, it will cost you. Go check out the Life Series today.  While you are there…buy a t-shirt or two as a way to say thanks. 🙂

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