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7 surprising benefits of equipping your teenagers to share the Gospel

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Greg Stier


1.  It accelerates the disicpleship process faster than any lesson you could ever take them through because it causes them to die to themselves and put skin in the game (Matthew 10:38,39.)

2.  Your teenagers will master what they believe because they are forcing themselves to articulate it to their peers (Philemon 1:6.)

3.  Evangelism triggers fear. Fear triggers prayer. Prayer triggers dependence on Jesus. And dependence accelerates spiritual growth (John 15:1-8.)

4.  The average teenagers has 100x’s more influence on their peers than a stranger does. So when a teenager shares their faith with a friend it has exponentially more impact than when a stranger does.

5.  According to a new study by NPR, risk taking helps teenagers learn deeper and faster (and there are few more spiritually risk-taking-type activities for a Christian teenager like sharing the Gospel with his/her friend group!)

6.  After his massive research project, The Porn PhenomenonJosh McDowell shared with our team a very surprising fact about the impact of evangelism on teenagers. He told us that the Christian teenagers who are the most victorious over pornography addiction are the ones who have the deepest convictions and the ones who have the deepest convictions are the ones who actively share the Gospel. Yes, that’s right, relational evangelism can help defeat porn addiction!

7. Teenagers who share their faith own their faith and teenagers who own their faith are far less likely to leave their faith after they graduate from high school.

What do you think of these surprising facts? Do you agree or disagree with any of them? Do you have some surprising facts I missed? Put your answers in the comment section below. And if you need help in mobilizing your teenagers in evangelism check out Dare 2 Share. We have an app for that (and much more!)

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