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7 ways NOT to share your faith on the 4th of July!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

American Buttons1.  Tweet “The blood Jesus shed was RED, so that your sins could be made WHITE and you could stop being BLUE.”

2.  Sing “God bless America…if she repents” at a family gathering.

3.  After a fireworks show stand up and yell “That ain’t nothing!” then read the book of Revelaton out loud.

4.  Dress up like the Statue of Liberty, stand on a busy corner and scream, “You want liberty? I’ll show you liberty!” then shower the crowd with Gospels of John.

5.  Make a special 4th of July cake. Burn it, cover it in frosting and serve it to a lost person. When they bite into it say, “That’s what your sin tastes like to God.” 

6.  Set off M-80s in the middle of your neighborhood at midnight while screaming, “That is the sound of the footsteps of God’s judgment coming ever closer!” 

7.  Walk up to a stranger with a lit sparkler in your hand and say, “If I could tell you how you can know you have eternal life in heaven before this sparkler dies out would that be good news?”  (on second thought I may have tried that once!) 

Obviously these are some bad ideas for sharing your faith on this important holiday. Want a good idea for sharing the good news on Independence Day? How about just engage in a conversation with someone and gently turn the subject toward Jesus? Here’s a simply way do just that. You can also download the free Life in 6 Words app and just walk someone through it. 

What are some other bad ideas for sharing your faith on the 4th of July?


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