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An Unlikely Disciple

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

There is a saying: “To err is human.” Basically, making mistakes is perfectly normal and there are few people more accustomed to making mistakes than Simon Peter. In the Gospels, it seems every time Peter is center stage, it’s because he’s making a mistake.

For example: Peter was the only disciple to walk to Jesus on the water, but his faith was weak and he began to sink. He rebukes Jesus’ plan for the cross, which causes Jesus to denounce him as a stumbling block. Ouch. Or perhaps his most famous blunder: denying Jesus three times during the night before Jesus’ death.

Yet after Jesus’ death and resurrection, this look-before-you-leap disciple who stumbled at every turn became a pillar of the early church. In less than two months after Jesus’ death he completely changed. Peter witnessed the power of God and it moved through him to speak, act, and lead in conviction and confidence. Just because he messed up and took a long while to get there did not disqualify him from serving Christ.

It is the same for you and me. We mess up. We trip and stumble on our way, but the more you seek the truth and glory of Christ, the closer you will grow to Christ and the Spirit will grow in you, driving your passion and conviction and you too will do great things just as Peter did, mistakes and all.

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