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An Unlikely Follower

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

You’ve probably heard the phrase “pick up your cross and follow God,” or something very similar. God promises us He will be there every step of the way, but it is not always going to be an easy road to follow. Take Ruth, a widow living in modern-day Jordan, in an area known as Moab. Her husband, father in law, and brother in law all died while she was young.

Not only has she suffered a lot of death, but her mother-in-law, Naomi, released her from any obligations and tells her, along with Naomi’s other daughter-in-law, Orpah, to stay in Moab and find new husbands, but Ruth had learned about God from her husband’s family and knew it was the much better option to follow God and the community who had taught her about the Lord.

This was a hard road, and went from the promise of stability in Moab to almost certain poverty as they moved to Bethlehem. In return, the Lord gave Ruth a new marriage and eight sons, the youngest of which was King David, and much later down this line came Jesus himself. Because of her obedience and trust, God gave her comfort, stability, and a role in the salvation of the world.

Sometimes following God is difficult and requires sacrifices of comfort, but through that difficult time God is leading you to something amazing, provided you trust in Him and look for His guidance. Nothing along the road surprises God, and He will be with you in every step. If you choose to trust and follow, He will bless you just like He did Ruth.

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