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An Unlikely Host

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Jesus desires to live in the hearts of everyone. Remember there was once a small man, a tax collector, named Zacchaeus, known henceforth as Z. Z desperately wanted to see Jesus, and while the exact reason is not known, we do know Z was a very unpopular guy. As a tax collector, this guy stole money from his fellow Jews through exploitation. Plus, he worked for the Romans, which means everyone considered him a traitor, most likely rendering him hungry for spiritual fulfillment and company.

When Jesus came to Z’s home town of Jericho, Z climbed up into a tree to see Jesus better. Jesus was prompted by the Holy Spirit to look up and see the man, and beckoned Z down to talk to him. Not only that, but Jesus invited himself to Z’s house to have some quality time together.

This was amazing for everyone to behold. Jesus had invited himself to talk in the home of a notorious traitor, someone who had exploited the Jewish people for his own gain for years, but after talking with Jesus, Z had a complete change of heart. He donated immense amounts of wealth to the needy and gave back four-fold what he had extorted from his fellow Jews.

Do you know anyone who is treated like a traitor or a scumbag? They are probably spiritually starved and desiring real connection. Imagine what Jesus could do in their lives, and how they could be radically transformed through His presence. Invite yourself to talk to them and share the hope and life of God with them as Jesus did with Z.

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