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An Unlikely Leader

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Greg Stier
sword and bible

Have you ever felt so closely connected to God that it seemed you could do anything?

When we have faith, God will do amazing things in our lives, regardless of who we are or the challenges before us. There was a time when Israel was less than obedient to God, so He would permit neighboring countries to come in and conquer them. When Israel inevitably turned back, God would send them a leader known as a Judge, who would either reconquer the taken lands or settle political disputes, or both.

One such Judge was Deborah. Now Deborah is the only woman in the Bible designated as a leader of the Jewish people, especially in a time when women were very rarely given positions of power. Deborah was instructed by God to have a man named Barak to assemble an army to fight back the Canaanites, who had been oppressing them for some twenty years.

Now God had assured Deborah He would give victory to Israel, but Barak had weak faith and did not want to go to war unless Deborah was with him. See, his faith was in Deborah, but Deborah’s faith was in God’s promise.

Ultimately, God proved His faithfulness and brought victory to Israel, but Barak, who assembled the army and was chosen to lead it, was overshadowed by Deborah, whom he had insisted come with him. It was because Deborah was so confident in God and obedient to His word that they prevailed, while Barak doubted.

Trust firmly and boldly in God’s word, and believe He will do what He says He will do. God rewards your faith, and through your faith will He use you powerfully.

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