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10 reasons I’m more excited about Jesus than politics

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

1. Jesus doesn’t lie, exaggerate or use a teleprompter.
2. Jesus doesn’t pound us with relentless campaign commercials.
3. Jesus slings love, not mud.
4. Once a person “votes” Jesus in through faith there are no more re-elections! (insert Calvinist joke here.)
5. Jesus doesn’t do robocall surveys about my theological views while I’m eating dinner with my family.
6. Taxes? NO! Grace giving? YES!
7. His air force has wings, real wings, angel wings…and that’s just cool.
8. He cares for the poor, rich and middle class.
9. He is the Prince of Peace but is building up his resources for one last war (see the book of Revelation.)
10. He doesn’t bleed his supporters dry but bled for them instead.

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