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10 ways to have a truly great 2013

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

1. Rely on Jesus, not your resolutions!

2. Don’t remove mattress tags. Here’s a video to prove that cops will arrest you for it (like they did me once.) 🙂

3. Spend more time in prayer. Prayer is the most underestimated blessing that we have as children of God!

4. Scrape off all the Christian bumper stickers from your car, especially if you’re a bad driver (like me.)

5. Remember that quality time shakes out of quantity of time…so spend more time with your family and friends!

6. Be intentional about building relationships with unsaved neighbors, co-workers, classmates and baristas.

7. Give more generously to your church and causes that God puts on your heart.

8. Refuse to volunteer to get shot by a paintball gun like I did. It hurts. Watch this for proof.

9. Don’t just build bridges to the unreached people in your life, cross them with the good news of the Gospel.

10. Master the Word of God and let it master you.

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