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5 Things I hate. 5 things I love.

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Let’s start with the 5 things I hate.

1. Spiders (There are 40,000 in the average acre. Think about that. One could be on you right now. I just cringed.)

2. Clowns (I had a dream about evil clowns at the age of 4 and I’ve never been the same. And please don’t tell me you have a clown ministry, thinking in some way that your clown ministry can somehow redeem the evil clown rep. Go watch “It” and then talk to me about clowns. They have an agenda and it’s not good.)

3. Fleece (Fleece hurts my teeth. I don’t know why it just does. I hate the feel of fleece. I hate even thinking about fleece. I’m stopping now because my teeth are starting to hurt.)

4. Christian bumper stickers (They are like an excuse for Christians to drive poorly “I’m not perfect, just forgiven.”…Right.)

5. Missing movie previews (It’s true. If I miss the previews of a movie I’m always tempted to skip the movie and watch it later. I HATE missing the coming attractions. If I pay good movie to see a movie I also want to see what’s coming soon.)

Okay, enough “hate speech.” Here’s what I love:

1. I love coffee (There’s more than just theological reasons I’m not Mormon.)

2. Teenagers (They are vastly underestimated…but now that Missy Franklin and Gabby Douglas have owned the gold in the Olympics maybe the church can start taking them seriously too!)

3. The Gospel (best news ever!)

4. Hiking with my family (We’ve been hiking our home state of Colorado for the last four or years or so and have a blast doing it. Countless mountain hiking trails nailed and two 14ers toppled in the last two months. LOVE IT and LOVE THEM!)

5. Jesus (Yes, I saved the best for last! I love everything about Jesus. He is controversial, loving, patient, powerful and transformational. He values the underdog and lifts up the downcast. I love seeing his “shadow” in the Old Testament, being astounded by his antics in the gospels, having his radical teachings explained in the epistles and imagining what it’s going to be like when he returns in Revelation. I love that he is the God/man who is not easily explained or dismissed. His teachings have bite and his compassion is palpable. And I love that he loves me in spite of my sins…and my hatred of clowns.)

What are some things you love or hate? Please be jokingly appropriate with the latter like I tried to be with my hate list.

*I recant my clown ministry statement because I just imagined being confronted by angry clown ministry people in full make up. Clowns rock! Go clowns!

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