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5 ways to share your faith on Black Friday

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Beniamino_Gigli,_Italian_tenorBlack Friday is when cost conscious consumers storm Walmarts, Targets, Macy’s and more to get deals, deals and more deals. So how do we make sure those who are in shopper’s heaven actually go there someday (bad segue but it had to be done.)

If you happen to be one of the courageous (crazy?) souls who will brave the crowds to save money on Christmas gifts here are 5 ways to share your faith as you do…

1. Be kind when everyone else is being pushy.

If you’re a kind and patient shopper in the midst of push-grab-and-go aggressive shoppers you’ll stand out from the crowd. Even this small act can lead to unexpected Gospel conversations with those around you.

2. Give eye contact, smile and say “hello” to others.

There’s something about being acknowledged and genuinely greeted that can breathe life into a harried, hurried soul. I’ll never forget smiling and greeting a lady at the cash register who was helping me at a busy store. She said, “Thank you for giving me eye contact, smiling and actually acknowledging my existence.” I asked her how often that happened in her store and she said, “Not much. Some people never say a thing and many never give me eye contact…and it’s depressing.” This simple act can be an easy segue into a gospel conversation.

3. Ask questions of other customers when you’re in line waiting to get into the store or purchase items.

Long lines can lead to great conversations. Our simple strategy at Dare 2 Share is “Ask, Admire, Admit”. Ask questions (move from questions about their shopping experience, where they’re from, etc to spiritual questions like “Do you attend church anywhere?” or “Do you have any spiritual traditions you and your family do around the holidays?”, etc.) Admire what you can about what they believe spiritually. And then admit the reason you’re a Christian is that you’re so messed up you needed someone else to save you. More training on how to use Ask, Admire and Admit to initiate Gospel conversations can be found on the free Dare 2 Share app under the “How to share” button.

4. Commiserate with your fellow shoppers, neighbors, friends and others.

Chat about the consumerization of Thanksgiving and Christmas (which everyone can relate to on some level.) Talk about the foolishness of desperate shopping in a mall while some cities are having riots in the streets. Have a conversation about the reality that many in America have missed the real meaning of the holidays (which is short for “holy days” by the way) and use it as a way to bring up the real reason for the season…Jesus!

5. Bring something to leave behind that explains the Gospel in a simple way.

I like to bring Life in 6 Words GOSPEL cards. They have the GOSPEL message typed out on the back and the Life in 6 Words website URL on the front. They are a simple leave behind for cashiers and fellow shoppers. If you don’t have any of those you can download the GOSPEL message here and print out a few sheets to keep in your wallet or purse.

To be honest, I don’t usually go shopping on Black Friday but, if I did, this is how I would share my faith. I may have to brave the crowds tomorrow morning if, for nothing else, to share the good news in the midst of the craziness. But I’m not going at 5, 6 or 7 am. Early afternoon is more my style. I hope people will still be there!

What are some other ways to share your faith on Black Friday?

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