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7 reasons I’m pumped about Lead THE Cause University!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Lead THE CauseLead THE Cause University is Dare 2 Share’s week-long intensive training for teenagers and youth leaders. During this week students will get extensive training in evangelism, leadership skills, intercessory prayer, strategic planning and relationship building. They will leave equipped and ready to reach the teenagers in their communities with the good news of Jesus. And their youth leaders will leave with a plan to “get ‘er done!”

Here are 7 reasons I’m pumped about LTCU this week (starting Sunday night and going through Saturday morning)

1. It unites youth leaders with an uncommon passion.

The youth leaders who are a part of LTCU have hearts that burn with passion for this lost generation. There’s something about the youth leader sessions during this week that are more mature, strategic and exciting. These youth leaders are serious about advancing God’s kingdom in amazing ways.

2. I get to spend time with teenagers!

At the Dare 2 Share conferences it’s tougher to actually hang with teenagers. At Dare 2 Share there are thousands of teens. At LTCU there are hundreds. D2S lasts a weekend. LTCU lasts a week. It’s great to have meals together, talk in the warm Colorado sun or chat it up after a session.

3. It’s a week of holy conspiracy with some of my best friends.

For a week Doug Holliday, Zane Black and I get to room together and conspire together for kingdom advancement. The late night convos combined with the “Hey what about this…” unofficial brainstorming sessions can lead to some powerful ideas that will fuel gospel advancement in youth ministries across the nation. Plus, hanging with them is a ton of fun!

4. We get to identify future leaders of the movement.

LTCU is like a farm club in many ways. We get to meet teenagers and youth leaders who are “killing it” when it comes to spreading the good news and leading THE Cause in their communities. And it’s going to take next-level leadership to start a movement of Gospel advancement from coast-to-coast. It’s this brand of leader who pops to the top at Lead THE Cause University.

5. We get to do some unbelievable “field trips” that really impact the teenagers.

From a half-day away at Columbine High School (for intercessory prayer) to time in the mountains to make our personal plans for transformation to outreaches in the very unchurched, very liberal city of Denver this week is packed and stacked with activities that are designed to seal and steel what these teenagers have been learning. It’s what moves this week from theoretical to transformational.

6. It brings back old memories.

Because Lead THE Cause is on the campus of my alma mater, Colorado Christian University, it brings back a flood of old memories. It’s where I met some of my life long friends. It’s where I met my amazing wife. I love CCU and it will be great to be back on campus for a week.

7. It’s where I’m convinced something historic can take place.

I’m not overstating when I say that I believe God can spark a true and lasting awakening that will reach and transform a generation. Wouldn’t it be great if this were the week, our generation’s version of The Haystack Prayer Meeting? Wouldn’t it be exciting if this Lead THE Cause University 2014 became the epicenter for a spiritual earthquake that shook down spiritual strongholds across the nation and ushered in an unparalleled move of God?

That’s my prayer.

Join me in praying for the same.

By the way, stay tuned for a special announcement after this week concerning Lead THE Cause University. I can’t tell you now but suffice it to say…big things are happening for his glory!

To Lead THE Cause,

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