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Bring the Rain

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

The state we love is burning.
We need help right now.
Can’t you see our tears oh God?
Don’t you hear our cries so loud?

To the north is devastation,
To the west are plumes of smoke,
To the south are walls of flame,
These fires they are no joke.

The beetle kill and searing heat
Combined with the dry and wind
Have driven fires beyond containment
Will these infernos ever end?

We thank you for the fire crews,
For those who’ve risked it all.
But these flames are too big for even them
So to you alone we make our call.

Oh Maker of heaven and earth
Creator of clouds and sky,
Send us storms to quench these flames
Show your power from on high.

Bring the rain and bring it now.
Pour your grace on us.
Give relief from these raging fires.
And turn their rage to dust.

You’ve stopped the flames once before.
We know you can again.
For your downpour of amazing grace
Once extinguished the fires of sin.

You rained your love down on us
When our souls deserved to burn.
Through the death of your only Son
You gave the life we could not earn.

Jesus fought the fires of hell itself
And was consumed for all our sins.
He sacrificed himself on the cross.
So we ourselves could win.

By faith in Him and Him alone
We’re rescued from sin and death.
And now because he’s risen,
We’ll praise him with every breath.

Unleash your grace once again.
Bring the rain from above.
And with every drop that falls
May we be reminded of your love.

Protect the firefighters.
Provide for those who’ve lost homes.
Wrap them in your loving arms.
May your grace to them be shown.

Send the rain from heaven.
We humbly ask and bow.
Every drop is under your command.
Make them fall right now.

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