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Danny Oertli rocks!

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

For about 8 years I traveled side-by-side with one of the greatest guys ever, Danny Oertli. He led worship at our Dare 2 Share events for years and, to be honest, I miss him. He is not only a good friend but a tremendous example of authentic Christianity. In a music industry that is marked by commercialism and plastic he is the real deal. Add to it all of this the fact that he is a phenomenal and very unique musician and storyteller.

Last night my family and I went to see him perform at a live taping for a DVD he is putting together. It was simply awesome. He kept my boy mezmorized for an hour and a half. If you know Jeremy that is no small feat.

To be honest it’s no small feat for me to sit through an hour and a half concert either. I get bored to death at many concerts. I sit there and think, “I have your CD and you sound better in my car.” But there’s something about Danny Oertli live that is infective and electric (although he mostly plays acoustic.)

Anyway, if you’ve never picked up a Danny Oertli CD go here and get one or two or three. I guarantee that you’ll become a fan too.

Here’s a little sample of his unique abilities…


Unlikely Fighter

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The story of how a fatherless street kid overcame violence, chaos, and confusion to become a radical Christ follower.

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