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Dear Miley Cyrus,

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I hope this letter finds you well. Although I don’t know you personally I do feel that I do know you from a distance, or at least your alter ego, Hannah Montana. Over the years I’ve watched you grow up to become the beautiful young lady that you are. God has indeed blessed you with a wonderful talent for acting and music. Your personality is vibrant and contagious. Some things just can’t be faked.

And, to be honest, I felt a certain pride when I heard that you unashamedly claimed to be a Christian. I can’t help but think of the time that you and Jiroux, one of your back up dancers, were asked by a fan if you were Christians. Without hesitating you responded, “Yes! We love Jesus!” You went on to add, “He died for our sins. That’s how awesome he is.” Later on you said, “I sing, dance and act for Jesus! … Now that I think about it, I do everything for Jesus….We’re all about it.”

Were you all about it at The Teen Choice Awards on Monday night Miley? I know that you claim Jesus as your Savior but you worked that pole like a stripper on that stage in front of millions of teen and preteen girls across America. The crack you heard as you danced and strutted across the stage was the sound of a million hearts breaking, the hearts of parents just like me. Young girls adore and emulate you and you sent a horrible message to them that night. Instead of keeping the faith it looks like you sold out to the pagans for ratings.

But no matter how many awards and accolades you get I think you know that what you did was wrong. No matter how much your handlers try to convince you that it was all part of the “maturing” process that every female pop artist goes through, down deep inside, I think you know better. You are a very bright girl and, if the Spirit of God truly does dwell in you, you can’t help but know better.

As the father of a four year old little girl my heart broke for all the young girls out there who look up to you, not just as a role model, but as the role model they follow. Your music goes on their ipods. Your fashion statement goes in their closets. And, on Monday night, that statement was “It’s okay to dress like a prostitute, dance like a stripper and still claim to be a follower of Christ.” Miley, short shorts and low shirts don’t become someone who “does everything for Jesus.”

I’m sad that my little girl won’t have the opportunity of becoming a Hannah Montana fan now. I just can’t allow it. I won’t allow her to get sucked up in the vortex of all things Hannah because of your Britney wannabe coming out party on Monday night.

You made the wrong choice at The Teen Choice Awards. But you can make a different choice today, a better one. You can choose to recognize, repent and repair the damage that has been done. You see Miley it takes more than thanking God when you receive a reward to truly serve Christ. It takes a commitment to honor him with everything you do. If you truly are “all about” Jesus then dress for him, dance for him and sing for him. Start today. It’s not too late. With Jesus it’s never too late.

I will be praying for you Miley. God has allowed you to be on a big stage. My prayer is that you will use it for his glory instead of your own.

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