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GOSPEL Journey Maui Premier this Sunday!

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I am excited to announce the premiere of GOSPEL Journey Maui this Sunday night (September 28th) from 6-8 pm at Northern Hills Christian Church in Brighton, Colorado. This is a FREE event where we will be showing two episodes from the soon-to-be-released GOSPEL Journey Maui Reality Series. We took a Mormon, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Seventh Day Adventist, Evangelical and a girl who thought God was a black woman who baked cookies (she got her view from the Matrix not the Shack) to Maui for eight days of intensive discussion on the greatest questions of life. Questions like,

“What is the purpose of life?”

“Is there a higher power? If not, how did all this get here?”

“Why are there so many religions? Can everyone be right?”

“Who is Jesus and what is His message?”

This was a powerful, life-changing event for everyone involved including me. The conversations that ensued were absolutely priceless. I wish you could have been there. But the next best thing to being there is coming to the GOSPEL Journey Premier. Zane Black, who was with me in Maui for this exciting reality series, will be with us all on Sunday night. It should be a party.

Northern Hills is located at 5061 East 160th Ave in Brighton CO, 80602. I hope to see you there.

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