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How do you do apologetics?

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

This training session is by my good friend Lane Palmer. He writes Soul Fuel for Dare 2 Share every week and leads the Bible department at Valor Christian Academy. I met Lane when we were in high school and I was visiting his youth group to train them how to share their faith. We started doing evangelism together and that was that. We became lifelong friends united by a common cause, THE Cause (otherwise known as The Great Commmission.)

Lane lost his mom on July 4th. She died of a bad heart. But her heart is beating stronger than ever as she kneels before the throne of Christ with millions of other saints. She has had her real independence day celebration as she has been finally set free from all the pain of this earth.

Anyway I have been thinking of and praying for Lane a lot lately. Losing your mom ia a painful thing. And as I’ve thought of him I have been reminded of what a solid Bible teacher he is. That’s why I think you’ll not only enjoy this video but be equipped by it to defend your faith more effectively.

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