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How to spot a bad evangelist

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

how-to-spot-a-bad-evagelist1. Pointy index fingers.
2. They preach from a Living Bible and a King James just to keep the audience on its toes.
3. Hoarse from screaming “Turn from all your sins” to audiences who have no power to turn from any sin apart from Jesus.
4. Carry a large book entitled “What you must do to be saved.”
5. Hand out Greek New Testaments to new believers and then tell them to work out their own salvation
6. Preach about hell without tears in their eyes.
7. Say things like, “If you want to be saved just say this prayer….” (There will be a lot of people in hell who said the prayer without ever putting their faith in Jesus!)
8. Combine polyester suit tops, skinny jeans, Brylcreem and a soul patch (the worst of all evangelistic worlds.)
9. Preach “the gospel” without ever mentioning sin, the cross or the empty tomb.
10. Angry mimes are part of their routine.

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