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Jeremy’s gift has inspired another young donor

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

In my last post I talked about how my little boy Jeremy committed all the money he had saved to help Dare 2 Share in our time of financial need. This weekend he worked for hours cleaning (to make money to donate) and gathering stuff to be sold (so that the money raised could be donated).

To be honest his passion about this whole thing is blowing me away. You have to understand that this entire initiative was proposed and executed by him, not me. He is the one who keeps bringing it up. And the little guy won’t let it go. What I thought was originally going to be a few dollars has ballooned to $38.86, a fortune for a 1st Grader. And he’s given it all to D2S. I marched the money into the office this morning, a proud daddy.

He explained to me that what we did at Dare 2 Share was too important not to have the money we need. “Daddy, you need to train these teenagers to tell others about Jesus and I’ll help you get all the money you need to train them” has been his mantra in one way or another since Christmas day.

Yesterday after church he was telling his little buddy Christian about his decision to fund D2S. Now Christian (who is seven years old too) wants to be a monthly donor to D2S. He is going to set aside some of his allowance to fund the ministry.

In a way Jeremy is inspiring a micro giving revolution of sorts. It may not be huge amounts of money but those gifts represent a huge amount of heart. And a big heart, not the amount of the actual gift, is what grace giving is all about.

I’m inspired too, Jeremy and Christian. With donors like you and God’s blessing we cannot fail.

Viva La Revolution!

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