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Mario, Sabrina and Jesus

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Greg Stier

Just got this email from a youth leader (Mario) who attended the Chicago Dare 2 Share conference last weekend with his teens (one of which was Sabrina.) Read it and rejoice!

“When we went to lunch on Saturday, Sabrina called her friends Caitrin & Holly but only got their voice mails. So she texted both of them to call her. While waiting in line to buy lunch, Caitrin called back, so Sabrina asked if her that if she were to die right now did she know for sure she was going to heaven? She said no. So Sabrina shared the gospel with her & asked her if it made sense. Catrin said yes it did. Bri asked if there was anything holding her back from placing her trust in Jesus right now. Caitrin said that she would think about it & talk with Bri more on Monday.

20 minutes later, Sabrina’s other friend, Holly, called. Sabrina has been praying for Holly’s salvation for 3 years and has tried sharing Jesus with Holly at different times in the past. She asked Holly the same questions as Caitrin. She asked Holly if she knew for sure that she was going to heaven when she died and she said no. Bri explained the gospel to her & asked her if it made sense to her and Holly said yes. Sabrina then asked if there was anything holding her back from trusting in Jesus? Holly said no. Sabrina then asked if she wanted to place her trust in Jesus right now? Holly said yes. Sabrina then prayed with Holly to receive Jesus, and then invited Holly to church and youth group.

I was scheduled to lead the pastoral prayer at church on Sunday, so I asked Sabrina if she was willing to share her story in both services to encourage the adults to share the gospel themselves and she shared and did awesome! (We are challenging and equipping our whole church to share Jesus with 6 unbelieving friends this easter season through personal conversations, facebook, text message, etc. We said if you don’t have 6 unbelievers as friends, then you need to make some new friends. I trained the adults in the GOSPEL a few of weeks ago).

Sabrina got UN’D & 3 things are happening…

1. The giants are falling
2. The kingdom is advancing

(I heard that in a great message about David & Goliath recently ūüôā

Also, I love the changes you have made to improve the conference. It was your best Dare 2 Share conference yet. I love how it is more focused on having our students connect with their friends through writing 3 names on the palm of our hand, the phone calls and text messages, and an increased emphasis on prayer (both in the youth leader training and the silent prayer walk around the school, etc.) and finally the challenge you give us to plan and strategize at the end of the outreach experience.

One of my senior high students also said that she loved how Shane & Shane was not a “big name” band and she was able to focus her worship more on God and even broke down crying during Saturday night’s worship experience because of the presence of God (and she said she has never “cried” before while worshipping).

Thanks again for all you do for THE Cause!”

Committed to THE Cause,


Praise God with me for the transformation that he produced and continues to unleash through the Un.Tour. Pray for youth leaders like Mario and teens like Sabrina all over the nation as they seek to live THE Cause for God’s maximum glory!

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