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Shreddin’ the Gnar in Lincoln

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Nebraska is known for a lot of things (the Cornhuskers, great food, nice people, cow tipping, the Cornhuskers) but surfing is probably not one of them…until now.

This weekend we are introducing the concept of “Shreddin’ the Gnar” to the 6,700 teeangers who are signed up to attend Dare 2 Share’s Invincible Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. What does this gnarly term mean? It’s a surfer term that means to go big or go home. We’ve applied it to the idea of evangelism. In other words, we are equipping teenagers to dive into real conversations with their friends about the GOSPEL and risk the riptide of rejection so that they can bring the good news of salvation to each one of their friends.

If you’re interested in learning how to shred the gnar yourself click here. Zane and I will give you a crash course in negotiating those tricky witnessing waves. If you go to the Lincoln conference be sure to tell me your shreddin’ story by commenting below.

Either way pray with me that God does something gnarly this weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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