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Sometimes you have to break the rules!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

sometimes-you-have-to-break-the-rulesAs I type these words I’m at The Hollywood International Airport in Florida. Last night I had the opportunity of going to The Hollywood Beach Hotel that was, at one time, the home of Florida Bible College.

As I walked the corridors of this old building I couldn’t help but remember the first I came there. It was when I was eleven years old and Florida Bible College was in full swing. The school, which was full of college students who had been reached for Christ by the Christian Youth Ranch movement, was hosting a camp for 2,000 junior high aged teenagers. A group of us from Colorado made the 2,000 mile trek on an unairconditioned school bus to be a part of this week long camp.

Technically I was too young to go to this event but I begged the youth leader to make an exception. He broke the rules and snuck me in.

That trip changed my life. It planted in my mind a vision of what thousands of teenagers equipped for evangelism could do. I’ll never forget the caliber of training the camp speakers gave us. They taught us to share our faith and they unleashed up and down Hollywood beach to evangelize.

I was hooked.

The pastor,”Yankee” Arnold, who reached most of my family for Jesus was a FBC graduate. My uncle Bob graduated from there as well after his radical conversion to Christ (in the back of a squad car!)

Although FBC has long since shut down the original vision of the founder, Ray Stanford, formed and forged what Dare 2 Share is today. I thank God for such a strong spiritual heritage. I thank God for the youth leader who broke the rules to get an underage kid into a camp that would transform my life forever.

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