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Starbucks = Jacob’s Well?

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

file0001351377324Two days ago at The Exponential Conference Pastor @derwinlgray said, “I do a lot of my work in Starbucks because that is the modern-day Jacob’s Well.”

Agreed D. Gray! In the 1st Century going to the well to fetch your water was a daily occurrence. It was a placewhere people could hang out and talk, where neighbors and family could catch up, where strangers could make friends.

In John 4, Jacob’s well was where Jesus waited for the Samaritan woman to come and draw water. It was there he struck up a conversation that went from awkward to awesome in just minutes. Soon this woman was sharing the good news with those in her town. And it all started at a watering hole.

Coffee shops, fitness centers and restaurants may just be the modern day equivalent of Jacob’s well.

This morning at 6:59 am I was reminded of that when I got a text from a young lady named Riley that read, “Pastor Greg! Today is October 10th! It was a year ago today you sat me down! Thank you! God changes my life everyday!”

Riley was the woman at Jacob’s well. She was a barista at the Starbucks I frequent who greeted me everyday with a big smile, Venti dark coffee and a “What’s up Preacha’ man?” But a year ago she greeted me more somberly. She said, “I have a question for you preacha’ man. My aunt just died of a brain aneurism. Why would God allow that to happen?”

I could see that Riley was thirsty, thirsty for a relationship with Jesus, thirsty for the truth. So, when she got off work, we sat down over coffee at one of those round Starbucks’ tables and talked for 30 minutes.

A year ago today Starbucks became Jacob’s well for Riley. Instead of serving coffee she drank down the Living Water in large gulps. Her thirst was fully and finally quenched.

Since then she has brought tons of people out to church and engaged in countless gospel conversations of her own. But it all started at “the well” called Starbucks.

There’s something about being in proximity to those who don’t know Christ. It leads to conversations, revelations and transformations. Starbucks is a great place to build those relationships and start those conversations.

So where do you go to rub elbows with those who may not know Jesus. What place do you frequent to shine the light, shake the salt and offer the Living Water? Are you so hidden away in a Bible bubble you don’t have time to associate with “sinners”? Or are you, like Jesus, hanging out at the wells where people come to draw their water (or hot water mixed with coffee bean juice?) so that you can share the best news on the planet with them?

Evangelism requires conversation. Conversation requires proximity. Proximity requires intentionality. Intentionally make a decision right now to get in proximity so you can start having gospel conversations and offering others the Living Water to those who are thirsty for it.

Thanks D. Gray (aka “The Evangelism Linebacker“) for the reminder!


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