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Take it for a spin

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Do you remember the first time after you got your driver’s license that your dad looked at you and threw the keys to his car into your outstretched hands and said, “Go ahead and take it for a spin…by yourself.

To be honest, I don’t. Of course, I never knew my biological father. But I imagine how that moment must have felt for those of you who do. What a rush knowing that he believed in you, that you were ready to take the big drive solo.

Maybe that’ how Peter felt when Jesus told a water soaked Apostle Peter on a beach to “Feed my sheep.” In a sense Jesus was throwing him the keys to the car and saying, “take it for a spin.”

Jesus was leaving Peter in charge of this ragtag group of young disciples. He was to feed and lead them to accomplish THE Cause of making disciples who make disciples in every nation. For three and a half years Peter was double clutching, second guessing and taking wrong turns. But it was okay because he only had his learner’s permit and Jesus was right there by his side.

But now Jesus was getting ready to evacuate the planet and Peter would soon be the one in the driver’s seat, leading the disciples in their quest to race the gospel around the globe. The good news was that, although Jesus would soon be gone, His Spirit would soon come to drive Peter as he drove the disciples to the finish line. The Holy Spirit was like a GPS meets Turbo charge in one and He would give Peter the direction and the power to get the job done. By the time the blood rushed to Peter’s head as he hung inverted on a cross the gospel had gone from Jerusalem to Rome and beyond. That’s a lot of souls. That’s a lot of mileage.

What kind of car was Peter driving? I don’t know but my best guess is a Honda. After all, the Bible says in that “the disciples were all in one accord…” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

So just what is the car? It’s the body of Christ on a mission for Christ! And where is this car today? Parked! Instead of motoring from our Jerusalem through our Judea and Samaria, it’s sitting in the pews of our church buildings. Like a Ferrari wasting away in a garage we are called to drive, but too often we just collect dust and rust.

The keys to that car have been passed on from generation to generation and now it’s our turn to drive. In essence Jesus is throwing us the keys and saying “Go ahead. Take it for a spin.” He is entrusting us to make disciples who make disciples in our own little world and to take the next generation with us, just like Peter did as he drove the young disciples to make disciples who make disciples.

Start your engines and let’s drive!

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