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Take The D2S Prayer DARE!

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Greg Stier

I am asking everyone who reads this blog, follows me on Twitter or is one of my Facebook friends to consider becoming a prayer warrior for the ministry and mission of Dare 2 Share. What does this mean? It means committing to pray at least once a week for us and the youth groups we train in evangelism. Whether it’s for 5, 15 or 50 minutes, it means that you are going to intercede to God on our behalf at least once every seven days.

Why is this so important? Because prayer is the dusty bazooka that many of us keep locked away in the closet. But this over-sized, underutilized weapon of righteousness can blow the enemy away and advance THE Cause of Christ faster than any conference or product we could ever pull off. Your prayers are the key to the advancement of the kingdom of God in and through our relatively small organization. But with your prayers this small ministry can make a big impact, a God-sized impact, all across this country…and someday the world!

So what is The D2S Prayer Dare? It’s a commitment to pray for us on four levels:


Direction: Pray for God to give us strategic wisdom as we seek to mobilize teenagers to make disciples who make disciples on every high school and middle school in America. Like Solomon, we pray for wisdom first and then trust God to provide the rest of what we will need to “get ‘er done!” (Sorry to mix a Solomon and Larry the Cable Guy analogy in the same sentence.)

Awakening: Pray that God uses Dare 2 Share as part of a national/global spiritual awakening. Ask God to unleash a generation of spiritually on fire teenagers who grow deep in their relationship with God and go wide in their relationship with others. Beg God on our behalf to launch THE Cause on every single one of the 67,342 high schools and middle schools in America. We need revival now more than ever and I believe that revival will start when an army of teenagers are unleashed in the power of the Holy Spirit to obey Jesus’ mandate to “go and make disciples” starting right where they are and spreading outward. You believe that too, don’t you? If so, pray!

Realities: Every ministry faces realities that can be challenging at times. These often revolve around the issues of funding. Pray that God raises up partners in ministry who pray for, give toward and participate in the mission. Pray that we have all the funding necessary to accomplish the vision God has called us to do for His glory. Pray that God keeps current champions giving and opens the door for new partners-in-crime (against the forces of darkness) to give generously as well.

Events: From our mass evangelism training events to the more intimate youth leader training events to everything in between, pray that God fills these events for His glory. Pray that they sell out with sold out teenagers and youth leaders! Join me in prayer that every seat filled and every heart is filled so that every school can be filled with teenagers who are reaching teenagers with the good news of the gospel!

So that’s the D2S Prayer Dare. I have no form for you to sign. I have no e-mail blast (at this point anyway) for you to sign up for. But I do have this additional challenge for you….Will you not only take The D2S Prayer Dare, but will you get others to pray it with you? Will you start praying for Dare 2 Share as a family, with your youth group and/or in your small group?

At Dare 2 Share we are fueled by the prayers of God’s people. Will you be one of these prayer warriors? If so, let me know.

“Jesus never taught his disciples how to preach, but only how to pray.” D.L. Moody

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