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The Blaze Tour rocked THE Cause!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

“That’s a wrap!”

Dare 2 Share’s Blaze tour is officially over and God did some amazing things! What were the results of these seven regional evangelism training conferences?

-1,800+ churches from 30+ states (and Canada) attending!

-34,000+ teenagers equipped to relationally and relentlessly reach their generation for Christ!

…Oh yeah, and thousands of these teenagers trusted in Jesus at the event and tens of thousands more heared the gospel through them during “The Cell Phone Challenge” portion of our conference weekend (yes, that’s right…we have teens call their friends at the event and share the gospel with them over the phone!)

Praise the Lord with us for these results during the Blaze conference tour! I’m always blown away and humbled by what God can do in a room full of 5,000 on fire teenagers and youth leaders.

But even more exciting are the results we’ve heard about since the tour finished less than three weeks ago! These are the stories that are crowding our Facebook page as teens reach teens who reach teens. Stories like this…

“Dare2Share inspired me to start a group at my school. Our main goal is going to be outreach in the school, spreading the gospel with students, as well as to give teens a safe place to pray and talk. I’m hoping to get it started this year, so that we can have something to work with next year. Remember: Christianity is gr…eat, but what’s the use if you don’t share Jesus with other people as well?” Mandy

“In the Chicago conference you taught us how to share the gospel. Coming home I went through a list of people to share it too. I ended up talking to my friend Cody, and he was saved. Yesterday, March 31, 2010 he was hit by a car and killed. But we now know that he is up in Heaven playing soccer with Jesus. Thank you guys so very much.” Ericka

God is up to some amazing things and it’s just beginning. Join THE Cause if you haven’t! God wants to do some amazing things through you too!

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