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The Book of Life

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

When we leave this earthly life
And stand before the King
The Book of Life will be opened
And our souls will dance and sing,

For if we’ve put our faith in Jesus
And not on what we have done
Our names will be clearly written
In the blood ink of God’s Son.

And on that day we will rejoice
At the salvation that is ours,
Not through human effort
But the Savior’s own, dear scars.

But there is another ‘book of life’
That matters each and every day.
It’s the book of life we’re writing
With what we do and say.

The people we’ve invested in
Each conversation that we’ve had
All contribute to the story
Whether good or bad.

Every person our lives touch
Become a chapter of their own,
Our story merged into theirs-
To help them live and grow.

The little actions that we took,
Times we listened as a friend,
The example that we set to others
Do not have an end.

So as we grieve our dear friend
Let’s remember a life well lived.
His legacy lives on in all of us.
Through what he said and did.

The book of life that Rolly wrote
Is penned upon our lives.
Each word of every chapter
Lives on through tear-filled eyes.

Written by Greg Stier in memory of my friend, mentor and hero Rolly Richert.

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