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The Spider and the Wasp

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Just a few days ago I was dropping off my little girl at the babysitters when I noticed a wasp swirling around our feet. I quickly picked up Kailey and whisked her inside the door. The last thing I want to see is my sweet little girl get stung by an angry wasp.

When I turned to leave I saw something I had never seen before, a spider and a wasp fighting it out. This spider (which was a big one) must have jumped up and snagged the low flying wasp out of mid air.

It was a sight to see, the wasp stinging away at the body (torso?) of the spider and the spider biting away at the neck (thingamajig?) of the wasp. I waited for about a minute to see who would win. The creepily big spider had his/her/its eight legs fully wrapped around the wasp and the wasp was stinging to the tune of about three hits per second.

Kailey (my little girl), Katie (our child care provider) and I just watched to see who would be the victor. After about a minute I crushed them both and proclaimed, “Man wins.”

I’m sure that I could draw some spiritual analogy here about how God called humankind to rule over the beasts of the field but I probably would open myself up to the venomous bites of pro-insect/anti-man activists. So I won’t.

But I’m sure glad that God doesn’t do to us what I did to them. If anyone had a right to use the boot of el-crush-a-you it’s Him. After all in many ways we act more like spiders and wasps with each other than men and women created in the image of God. But he is patient, not willing that any should be smashed but that all would come to repentance.

Gotta go…I see a fly I have to kill.

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