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Toolkit 7 – Jesus versus the Other Guys

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

We are getting a huge response from adults across the nation to this particular toolkit! Already two hundred people have responded! This particular tool is designed to give to a teenager you know so he/she can discern the difference between Jesus and the other world religious leaders who have claimed that their way is the way. The difference between Jesus and the other guys? Jesus backed His claim up with a preponderance of evidence…oh yeah and He rose from the dead!

I am always excited to hear the stories of how adults are coming alongside teenagers to encourage and equip them to have spiritual conversations with their friends using the tools that Dare 2 Share provides to them. It is going to take an army of adults, like you reaching the teens in your world in order for us to see this generation rocked for Christ! If you have already received and used the toolkit please take a few moments and share your story on my blog. If you are an adult and have not ordered the toolkit yet take time to do it right now!

Remember, the TRANSFORMATION TOOLKIT is a part of Dare 2 Share’s donor program. And although a donation is not required, we depend on the prayerful gifts from friends like you to continue offering high quality programs and services to adults, youth leaders, and students. Online donations are completely secure and offer a convenient option or you can send a tax-deductible gift to us at: Dare 2 Share Ministries, PO Box 745323, Arvada, CO 80006-5323 (be sure to mark your check “toolkit #7”).

To donate Online use this link

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