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UN is done and has just begun

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

The Denver conference took my breath away. Wow.

You never know if all of the ingredients are going to work when you put a conference together. Music, drama, training, outreach, movie clips, original video clips, and on and on and on.

It did.

God’s unction, the dew of His grace and power, was upon everyone from the sound and lighting crew to the ushers to the actors to the speakers to the outstanding Shane and Shane.

This year a lot of things changed: we have a new drama team, Clear Vision Drama (they rocked it!) Propaganda was more than just a spoken word artist, he was a preacher (and hit a home run!) And, for the first time ever, we did the conference in the round. But some things didn’t change. Zane and DJ Promote were there (and were as great as ever!) Teens were equipped to share their faith and then did it (my favorite part of Dare 2 Share!)

Thank you for those of you who were holding this weekend up in prayer. Without God’s power we have no divine unction on our human function. With it, we are unstoppable!

Were you there? If so, tell me what impacted you most?

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