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Why I love fundraising!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Yes, I know that seems like a wierd thought to many people. I talk to non profit CEOs all the time about fundraising and they almost all have the same attitude toward it…somewhere between hate/loathe to necessary evil.

But here are the reasons I love raising money for God’s kingdom work through Dare 2 Share:

1. It is an underestimated discipleship tool.

There is a reason that Jesus talked more about money than anything else. He knew that $ is a guage of where a person’s heart is. If all of their money is all wrapped up in tech toys and T-Bills then it’s all about the here and now. But if a person’s money is wrapped up in advancing the kingdom then his/her heart is set on the “there and then” (i.e. heaven!)

So as I help people put the firstfruits of their wealth into kingdom causes out of the right attitude they are not only laying up treasures in heaven their hearts are being transformed here on earth. That’s why Jesus said, “where your treasure is there will your heart be also.” Giving our resources to God results in more and more of our hearts being given to Him. Generosity reorients our hearts toward the King and His kingdom.

2. It gives me a chance to connect with people.

As a former pastor this is my chance to shepherd, pray for and encourage people…and just talk to them. I am energized by God’s people. I love meeting them, listening to them and sharing with them. After all we are going to be spending eternity with each other we might as well start enjoying the communion of community right now! Fundraising is a perfect opportunity to do that.

3. It helps advance the cause I love so much.

Over 40% of Dare 2 Share’s budget comes in through donations. That ends up being about $2.3 million that I get to help raise every year to fuel the mission of D2S. Not only do I get the privilege of raising money for this cause I give to it myself. To be honest I can’t understand why every Christian who believes in the gospel and the potential of teenagers wouldn’t give to Dare 2 Share. Our mission? Mobilizing teenagers to relationally and relentlessly reach their generation for Christ! Now that’s a cause worth giving to!

Pray for me as I am steeped in fundraising this month. We need to raise $400,000 this month and are far from our goal right now. As I type these words I’m getting ready to board a plane to do more fundaising. Pray with me and for me that God would bless this trip, bless all of our phonecalls and meetings and that He, the ultimate Fundraiser, would move in the hearts of His people to give generously to this cause.

I love it!

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