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Words that are swirling around in my mind right now

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

“Teenagers”…I love teenagers, love them. I love the fact that God has given me the privilege of unleashing these change agents for ultimate activism, the salvation of the soul. Teens don’t know the rules of engagement when it comes to evangelism and even if they did they’d break them. Maybe that’s why I love the old French quote, “The most dangerous swordsman in France is the one whose never wielded a sword.” These young swordsmen , like the early disciples, can be used to swing the sword of God’s Word with abandon and in so doing exponentially advance the kingdom of God.

“Energize”…I like this word because of the directed momentum it implies. I want to see an army of young energizer rabbits beating the drum of outreach nonstop until they drop. Teens reaching teens with the love of Jesus in the power of Christ which leads me to my next swirling word.

“Evangelize”…I know that the “e word” has got bad connotations among some groups. But the word itself is a very good word. It means “to proclaim the good news”. My hope is to “rebrand” evangelism as something great, as a monumental privilege that we are to engage in with love, humility and courage.

“Mobilize”…I’ve struggled with what we are actually trying to do at Dare 2 Share. Are we mobilizing multipliers or multiplying mobilizers? I think it’s the latter. We are not big enough to do the hard work of mobilization. That would mean we would have to have staff everywhere to mobilize the movement to reach teenagers in each community. Instead I think we are more poised to multiply mobilizers. We throw down the gauntlet of teen evangelism and get others to pick it up and run toward the finish line in their own communities. Of course we are there to encourage, pray, coach and resource, but it is the teenager, youth leaders and ministry partners that actually have to finish the race for young souls in their world (as we will in ours!)

There’s another word that I love when it comes to Dare 2 Share and that is “team“. I thank God for the team he has given us at D2S to help accomplish the unbelievably lofty goal of reaching every teenager through a teenager they know. Our excellent staff, powerful prayer warriors, passionate volunteers and generous donors all comprise the teams that make Dare 2 Share go.

Pray with me that God raises up more of each so that we can see God do great things in and through this ministry in the years to follow!

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