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This was in my e-mail box this morning from a youth leader who cut and paste a facebook conversation between a teen in his youth group and an atheist who was commenting on the abundance of his “God posts.” Considering “Jason” is a very new believer I think he did a phenomenal job of sharing the hope of Jesus Christ. Only the names have been changed. The conversation is completely unedited.

“November 8, 2010 Facebook conversation between Jason (one of my students that just got saved and is living the Cause & and his non-believing friend. Jason before coming to youth group used drugs 5 times a day and got around with girls. His life has transformed in the last 2 ½ months……

Zach: dude chill with all the god posts, every other post from you is god this, god that, relax bruh

Jason: Not every other one, but most are lol, There are so many people out there who need to know who God is and Jesus has told me to go out and “make disciple who make disciples” Matthew 28:19. Sometimes all it takes is someone posting something on facebook, that God has put on their heart to share, in order to change someones life.

Zach: thats weak, dude ur like 17 years old, u sound like a 40 year preacher, im sure ur parents push the god thing on you 24.7 but u need to find your own thing your interested in, live your live have fun dont get married to a fictional man in the sky just yet bro…. im just sayin

Jason: I am 17, and that the beauty of it, how God can work though such a young person, and no I am trying to change my parents, there against it, they dont believe in him and I am working on them with God in order to change them, also, my relationship with God is very intimate now. He given me faith to believe Him. Ever since I got saved 2 ½ months ago, my life has changed for the better. I was born with a hole or emptiness in my heart that only He can fill. I tried filling it with drugs, drinking and sex and everyday I would still wake up empty. Jesus died for my sins 2,000 years ago and filled my heart. I accepted the gospel message. Now I am fulfilled and living life and enjoying it.

Zach: wow another tragic youth lost the the big fake man in the sky, please if u have time take 10 min and watch this

Jason: You can believe what you want, and I will be praying for you, but can you please explain to me how the bible was written by about 40 people over a period of at least 1600 years and how all of them didn’t have any real connection with each (at least never saw or talked to each other). God is good. I challenge you to read the Bible for yourself. Don’t just take other people’s facts. Read Psalm 146:8 and 2 Chronicles 15:2 and I will be praying for you. ther, yet it all relates to the same exact thing, God is real and God is good, Also if God tells you to do something he is telling you to do it for a reason, and I will say Faith does have a big part in it, but I challenge you to read the Bible for your self and to not just take other peoples ideas and “facts”, but do figure it out for yourself, and like I said before I will be praying for you Zach. And I want you to read Psalm 146:8 and 2 Chronicles 15:2

Zach: lol PLEASE dont pray for me, please, dont put your witch craft on me, if you wana belive in the man in the sky (lol) have fun, ill be here in the real world, where gravity and science is king. i feel bad for you dude, u were a cool kid at camp and now I feel bad for you that you took this EXTREME route. Now here are a few of my favorite bible verses (the best fictional novel ever)….Ps 137:9; Deut 23:1; Ezk 9:5-6; Lev 25:44. And don’t just trust what your preacher says.

Jason: I will pray for you, and I am in the real world the same as you, just we are going to different places when we die and I hate to think that, so I will pray that God does wonders in your life, also I do this all between me and God, and I have, God has helped me with everything I need, trust me, all I can say is that you have a huge wall up and it will take time to knock down but it will be demolished, God Bless. God prevails and put your trust in God and you will prevail.

Zach: its not between you and god when every face book post is about him, and yes we will be going to different places when we die, you will be put in the ground and turned into compost and i will be put in the ground and turned into compost but we will be in different grave yards. Your god is a fool here is why….Matt 5:22; Lk 11:40; Matt 23:17; John 9:39; John 12:47…..oh, did Jesus just lie? I am not in the uneducated non-believers club like some, but I am in the educated non-believers club.

Jason: it is about me and him because he is talking to people like you through me, also you are very educated, this means that you are hungry for God you just need some help realizing, and i will admit I don’t know everything about does, I am continuously learning everyday, you do put up some good points, I feel that John 9:39 is saying that he has come into this world for people to judge him and John 12:47 is saying that he will not judge people in the world but he will come and save it. Read both passages and think about them, “for judgment I have come into this world” judgment by the people, “For I did not come to judge the world, but to save it” as he doesn’t judge he only save I am learning everyday. You bring up some good points and here is what I think

Zach: Hopeless… I give up bro. Have a good life my friend

Jason: it’s not hopeless it’s joyless and that is what you are inside right now man, I love you bro and will be praying for you. God Bless!

…….Now as a COACH for THE Cause……. I will follow up with him today to go over all the points and encourage him to continue living THE Cause!

John Curiale
Pastor of Youth & Family

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