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A simple way to amp up the impact of See You At The Pole for your teenagers

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Greg Stier

life-in-6-words-bookSee You at the Pole is an amazing event! I love it! 2 million teenagers gathering around the globe to pray in one day is amazing!

So how can you multiply the impact on your students who participate in See You At The Pole this year? How about arming them with a simple (and FREE) evangelistic tool from Dare 2 Share?

The Life in 6 Words outreach book!

Based on the amazing spoken word video (“Life in 6 Words“)by our good friend Propaganda this highly illustrated little book clearly explains the gospel in a way teens can understand. And you can get 100 of them absolutely free right now if you simply go to and order them!

Why? Because when your teenager stand around a pole and pray in front of their schools on the 4th Wednesday morning of September it will naturally create conversations among their friends. They’ll ask questions like,

“What were you doing out there?”

“Why do you guys pray like that?”

…and more

What if every one of your teenagers was armed with this amazing little book when they did. They could hand them the book, ask them to read it (and watch the video of course) and then engage them in a gospel conversation after they do! In the meantime your teenagers can download the free Dare 2 Share app, watch the training videos and be ready to engage in a conversation about Jesus. After all, See You At The Pole is about having a conversation with God and the Share6campaign is about having a conversation with your lost friends.

Go to right now and get your 100 free Life in 6 Words books and then arm your teenagers for the conversations that matter most…prayer and evangelism!

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