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Why do we…(???)

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

why-do-weGreat change usually begins when someone finally asks, “Why do we ________________________.” Until someone pipes up and pops the question the status quo often rules the day. With this in mind here are a few “why do we…(???)” questions that may get you scratching your head and saying, “Yeah, why do we do that?”

If one or two of these questions motivate you to implement actual changes in your youth ministry programming and philosophy then this blog will be a success.

-Why do we spend more time making announcements than praying together in youth group?

-Why do we judge our success by the number of teens attending our youth group rather than the number of teenagers coming to and growing in their faith in Jesus?

-Why do we make a weekly priority of things like worship, teaching, fellowship and games in youth group and not evangelism?

-Why do we spend so much time teaching teenagers and so little time equipping parents to teach their own teens?

-Why do we invest thousands of dollars to take teens on a mission trip that last for only one week and so little money unleashing teenagers for the mission trip they experience everyday in their schools, on their teams, in their neighborhoods and at their jobs?

-Why do we make evangelism an event that teenagers take their friends to rather than a lifestyle that we equip them to live?

-Why do we fail to teach youth ministry essentials in Christian universities and seminaries like how to use a budget, time management, relational skills, leadership skills and, well, how to actually share the gospel with someone else?

-Why do we program for the teenagers who don’t get it (and don’t care too) rather than “the 10%ers” who will change the world?

-Why do we teach youth ministry curriculum developed by people we’ve never met without thoroughly vetting it first? (I’ve met youth leaders who’ve admitted to seeing a curriculum video series the first time their teenagers see it.)

-Why do we assume that theology is not practical or relevant to teenagers?

What are some of your “Why do we…(???)” questions when it comes to youth ministry?

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