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Can You Hear the Screams?

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

This is the question posed in a not-so-subtle way in a video we recently produced for our national simulcast Dare 2 Share LIVE. More than 1,000 youth groups worldwide were impacted by its powerful message and then unleashed through social media and onto the streets of their communities to carry the Good News that can save Generation Z from the coming destruction.

In the dramatic video called The Cliff, a young woman is worshipping in church when she hears something, well, “off.” It sounds like distant screams. She makes her way out of the church auditorium, and then eventually outside, where she witnesses something tragic: a long line of teenagers blindly walking over a cliff.

From there she tries to get the congregation to help, but to no avail. I won’t give away the ending, but it’s a tear-jerker and a hope-giver.

The Cliff paints a painful picture of church-wide callousness, but it ends with a message of encouragement.

The Cliff: A Dramatic Story of Rescue

The purpose of the video is not to disparage Christ’s bride, but to awaken her to the urgency around us. There are 1 billion teenagers in the world. Most of them are headed in an invisible line toward a “cliff” that leads to Hell. We must rescue them.

That’s what the church must be about.

That’s why Dare 2 Share exists: to energize the Church to mobilize youth to Gospelize their world.

Why not consider using the video with your adults and youth? It comes with discussion questions that can help you navigate the emotions it will elicit and the Gospel Advancing action it may trigger.

It’s time to act. It’s time to rescue the next generation. It’s time to mobilize the next generation to lead the way!

Let’s go!

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