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Camp cancelled? Mission trip not happening? Try something new!

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Greg Stier

Did you have to cancel your camps and mission trips this summer? Did you have them cancelled for you? Does it feel like your whole summer has been cancelled?

Summer camps may be getting cancelled but your summer impact doesn’t have to be! Short term mission trips are being called off but the mission God has for you and your teens is not!

We are called to live and give the gospel “in and out season” (2 Timothy 4:2). That means before, during, and after pandemics. That means in the middle of economic meltdowns. That means with or without camps or short term mission trips.

Try Lead THE Cause Virtual with your students this summer!We are to share the gospel everywhere, every time we can, with everyone we can. This is true, even in the midst of the worst pandemic to hit the world in the last 100 years. This is true even if we have to share the gospel downwind, with a face mask on, from six feet away.

That’s why, at Dare 2 Share, we have replaced our full-week Lead THE Cause leadership and evangelism in-person training events with Lead THE Cause Virtual!  Ain’t no virus gonna keep us from energizing youth leaders to mobilize teenagers to reach their world for Christ!

No matter what your state’s regulations (shelter-in-place, safely-at-home, gatherings of 10 or no-holds-barred) you can now do Lead THE Cause Virtual in your own community at a fraction of the price and with deep and lasting impact.

Your teenagers will be inspired and fully equipped to share their faith. They will be mobilized to lead THE Cause of Christ (aka “the Great Commission“) with thousands of other teenagers from coast to coast the week of  July 27th-July 31st. 

Each day will include general sessions that will inspire teenagers, training sessions that will equip them, and activation sessions will unleash them.

Whether it’s praying for revival at a local school campus, sending audio stories that explain the gospel to their friends, or doing a service project that safely mobilizes them to share and show the love of Jesus, your teenagers will have daily opportunities to put what they’ve learned into practice.

So many people are open to the gospel during this pandemic because so many of them are afraid. Teenagers are especially nervous, anxious and full of fear. 

There are one billion teenagers worldwide and 27 million across the United States. The best one to reach a teenager with the hope of Jesus is a teenager who has the hope of Jesus.

But these teenagers must be equipped to share this message. They must be trained to pray for their friends, care for them, and share the gospel with them. 

That’s what Dare 2 Share is all about. That’s what Lead THE Cause Virtual is all about. And what’s really exciting is that you and your teenagers will leave that week with a plan to reach your community and schools for Christ this fall.

If you’ve thought about going to Lead THE Cause in the past but couldn’t because of price point or timing or whatever, this is the year to give it a shot!

If you’ve never considered Lead THE Cause, stop and think about it right now. We won’t be trying to magically recreate a typical camp atmosphere online (listening to speakers, playing some games, hype-it-up-fluff, blah, blah, blah).

Yes, it will be fun and interactive, but it will be so much more.

This week will inspire, equip, and unleash your students right then and there to pray, care, and share the gospel with others. It will be about stretching your teenagers’ faith and giving them tools to reach others at this crucial time. It will be about giving your teens a vision, a plan, and the tools they need to live out 51 weeks of mission, long after the week of Lead THE Cause Virtual is over.

Yes, I believe in camp. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time to try out something new this summer! Maybe it’s time to try out a camp with a cause. Give Lead THE Cause Virtual a shot!

For only $69/ student (between now and June 14th) you can inspire and equip your teenagers for a lifetime of mission! 

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