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Burning up in Phoenix!

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Okay, this one was one for the books. Almost 4,000 teenagers were equipped, trained, motivated, kicked in the keyster, encouraged and unleashed. They collectively collected 14 tons of canned goods for the Phoenix Rescue Mission and got to share the good news of Jesus all over the city of Phoenix!

It looked like the entire crowd took the Double Dare, although there were probably some that didn’t. Regardless, it was amazing.

Right now as I type these words in my dressing room merely thirty minutes or so after the end of our program on Saturday night I’m in awe of what our great God has done once again. Pray with me for these teenagers (and adults for that matter) to follow through on the dare they have taken to share the gospel with everyone they know in God’s timing, in God’s power and with God’s love and to start with one person in the next 48 hours.

Did you take the Double Dare in Phoenix? If so please tell us your story by commenting below!

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