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Exhaused and Exhilarated (Thanks DC)

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

What a great weekend!

-It was our largest first year conference in our 16 year history (3,250ish)

-One hundred teenagers came to Jesus and many more pledged their allegiance to Jesus.

-4 1/2 tons of canned food collected

-the drama and skits worked

-Derwin and Zane (our new speakers) rocked the house

-Lincoln Brewster was awesome and Stellar Kart was stellar.

-The Washington Projects were great!

Praise God for putting this weekend together with such a great team. Were you at the D.C. Conference? Did you take the Double Dare? If so…tell me your story!

On to St. Louis Youth Specialties to preach there and then our Denver Conference next weekend.

Keep praying!

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