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Ready or not D.C. here we come!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Washington D.C. rocks. The monuments, the government, the crime rate, er, I mean the tourism…I love this city (and surrounding areas of course!)

This weekend we will be doing our first ever D.C. event and the launching conference to our Survive Tour. Please pray with me for the following:

-Strength for the actors, speakers, musicians, D2S crew and tech team (rested in body, reliant on Jesus!)

-A profound spiritual impact of the Friday night drama “Credo” on the lives of the teenagers in the auditorium

-A powerful youth leader session (we are unleashing what we have nicknamed “The X Factor” on youth leaders this weekend!)

-That teenagers are effectively trained with tools to go wide and grow deep.

-Safety for youth groups during the outreach experience.

-For our fundraising banquet to go VERY well on Saturday night.

-For my voice to stay strong this whole weekend (the equivalent of eight sermons in 48 hours)

Pray that God does a transformational and exponential spiritual movement in the lives of the teenagers this weekend.

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