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Curriculum That Moves Mountains

An effective youth ministry curriculum does more than engage teens—it equips them to spread the Good News themselves.
Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier
Sometimes all your youth group needs is a curriculum that moves mountains

Any youth ministry curriculum—no matter how fun and interactive—that does not forge a solid theological grid in the hearts and minds of your teenagers is a waste of time.

I’m convinced that part of the reason we’re losing 1 million evangelical Christian teens per year (see is that we’re failing to “catechize” many of our teens into the Christian faith.

Too much of the curriculum out there is fun but not truly and deeply faith-forging.

Our teens are not getting unleashed to accomplish the ultimate mission.

Is Your Curriculum Making Disciples?

The average teenager in the average youth group is not being entrusted with the compelling cause to make and multiply disciples of their peers.

They’re not being effectively equipped to share and defend their faith in a post-Christian culture.

They’re not being mobilized for the same mission Jesus gave his mostly teenaged disciples in Matthew 28:18-20.

They may be being challenged to bring their friends out to youth group (a good thing), but they’re not being challenged and equipped to personally take the Gospel to their classmates, teammates, classmates, and friends (a great thing).

Sadly, the youth ministry industry often vastly underestimates Christian teenagers, and many of the curriculums out there glaringly reflect this deep underestimation.

That’s why at Dare 2 Share we “Gospelize” all our youth ministry resources.

In our lessons, we challenge teens to not only know what they believe, but also share the Good News of Jesus with their peers as part of the practical takeaway.

Where to Find Free Curriculum

A few years ago, Dare 2 Share made the intentional decision to offer all the 80-plus (and growing) digital curriculums we have for free!

Go to and get all the curriculum you can handle as our gift to you.

Be on the lookout for other youth ministry curriculum producers that offer this same brand of transformative curriculums and get their stuff as well!

Not all of it will be free, but a great curriculum is worth the investment. Check out youth curriculum by Word of Life as an example of this brand of solid and missional youth resources.

Let’s make sure our youth groups are experiencing faith-forging, Gospel Advancing curriculum that’s not only fun and interactive but also theologically strong and missional.

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