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10 great reasons your youth group should do Dare 2 Share LIVE
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Greg Stier

Teenagers everywhere need Jesus. And on November 11, 2023, thousands of teens around the world who know Christ will be inspired, equipped, and unleashed to introduce their friends to Him as well.

Starting in the South Pacific, youth groups across the planet will join the Dare 2 Share LIVE event, get trained in how to share their faith, and head out to begin transforming their communities through the Good News of Jesus. Here are 10 compelling reasons your group should join them.


Engaging talks and a gripping drama will inspire your students to share their faith and help them grasp the urgency of evangelism.


Teenagers worldwide will be participating in the event, which will be available in both English and Spanish. As the sun moves across the globe, teenagers from different countries will be sharing their faith, lighting up the Gospel-conversations map in the Life in 6 Words app as they go.


Your youth group will get trained to share the Gospel with clarity and confidence. Dare 2 Share has mobilized millions of teenagers to share the Good News of Jesus, and we’re bringing our best to equip teenagers on this powerful day.


The Dare 2 Share LIVE speaker lineup is elite:

  • Zane Black, one of the world’s best youth communicators
  • Jerrod Gunter, a powerful preacher who mobilizes teenagers in the heart of the Memphis, Tennessee, as well as throughout the United States
  • Gustavo Gonzalez, who’s leading a movement of Gospel Advancing ministries in Central America, South America, and the entire Spanish-speaking world
  • Mecky Cruz, a phenomenal leader, church planter, and speaker from Puerto Rico who won’t stop until every teenager everywhere hears the Gospel from a friend


Your teenagers will be mobilized to pray for their unreached friends, care for the people of their city, and share the Gospel out loud with words to friends and strangers alike.


You will be blown away by the courage and transformation you see in your teenagers as they depend on the Holy Spirit during the outreach portion of the event.


For the first time, what’s “live” about Dare 2 Share LIVE is the movement, not the event. You can download the digital event starting on November 6, and launch it on your own timetable on November 11. We offer three different suggested formats you can choose from.


You and your teenagers will be able to follow what’s happening around the world through the social media wall on the Life in 6 Words app that students will download before the event begins.


You can unite with other youth groups in your city to use this event for a broader, citywide outreach. This will create (or strengthen) a Gospel Advancing network that can set the pace for mobilizing teenagers year-round.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, it’s free.

Click here to register your youth group right away!

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