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Why we all need the faith of a pilgrim (guest post by Brent Crowe)

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This post is from my good friend Brent Crowe whose new book, ‘Moments ’til Midnight: The Final Thoughts of a Wandering Pilgrim,’ comes out in September. I read this book and it’s amazing. You should read it too. In the meantime I hope you’re encouraged by Brent’s thoughts on living out our faith as daring, faithful pilgrims and that you’ll check out this powerful new book!  —Greg

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The world needs a new breed of thinkers—people who are ever aware of God’s grace in their lives and thus believe that with Christ all things are possible. Those who dare to dream something new and accomplish something others would deem ridiculously unfeasible. The world needs people enthralled with possibility and driven by an optimistic realism that is rarely seen in the average bystander.

People who see themselves as pilgrims prepare to journey into the heart of hell while on their way to heaven. Pilgrims believe one journey can impact the world.

The psalmist wrote, “Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, whose heart is set on pilgrimage” (Psalm 84:5). I believe there is a pilgrim in each of us that is just longing to go on a journey. Arguably, the greatest challenge is to discover this identity, embrace it, and unleash it with glorious celebration. You see, we are part of that ancient tradition of people who believed that Jesus of Nazareth was infinitely more than a renegade rabbi from the backside of nowhere. We believe in the depths of our souls that following Jesus is the daring adventure that makes up the pilgrimage of our lives. For we are pilgrims wandering on our way home.

So to every pilgrim young and old,

Journey well in grace and purpose. Live rich in community and friendship.

Keep your head in the clouds while you walk the road less traveled.

Wear the wardrobe of grace because you are holy and beloved.

Enjoy togetherness and celebrate unity as the fruit of gospel-centeredness.

Believe every day that with God all things are possible. Converse about the meaningful in a creative manner.

Sojourn with a standard of excellence sourced in a healthy view of God.

And when you fail, fail well, and let all your regrets be redeemed.

Tell a story with your pilgrimage that is worth imitating.

Live well and cross the Jordan, knowing that when you finish, it is only the beginning.

I wrote the book ‘Moments ’til Midnight: The Final Thoughts of a Wandering Pilgrim’ to help people understand that when we place our faith in Jesus, our identity becomes that of pilgrims journeying through this world toward our heavenly home. Thus, when Jesus walked along the seashore of our lives and said, “Come, and follow me”, he was inviting us to go on the greatest journey in the universe! Rediscovering this identity, and helping others discover it as well, is essential to living a life full of meaning and purpose. I hope that you will pick up a copy of this book by visiting

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About Brent Crowe

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Brent Crowe is a thought-provoking visionary and communicator who has a passion to present the life changing message of the gospel. Brent uses humor and real-life situations to relate to people at the heart of their struggles.  The roles of husband, father, minister, evangelist, author and leader have allowed Brent to influence people from all walks of life throughout his twenty years in ministry.

Brent is currently serving as Vice President with Student Leadership University in Orlando, Florida. He is married to Christina and has three children, Gabe, Charis, and Mercy. He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy and two masters degrees, a Masters of Divinity in Evangelism and a Masters of Arts in Ethics, from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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