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Fun with the Fam

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

It was four months before Christmas and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Why? Because we aren’t home!

We are crammed in a condo/time share/ “community” just outside of Estes Park with my in-laws (who own it), my sister-in-law, nephew, wife and kids. I snuck out this morning at 5:45ish to track down a Starbucks with trusty T-mobile Wi-Fi.

Found it!

Yesterday we ran hard and played harder (I pulled a hammy or something in the process.) Last night we all collapsed early after a fun-filled day of mountainous mayhem. Today is probably more of the same.

I try to get the fun times with the fam in when I can because the hurricane is about to start. Next week I start doing youth leader lunches, fundraising dinners and the like. A few weeks after that the Game Day tour launches full bore.

So today I’ll skip, limp, run and wrestle with my kids and nephew. I’ll take long walks with my wife and a short nap with my kids.

Although I love being the preacher boy at Dare 2 Share, I love my wife and kids even more.

Got to go…it’s time to play!

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