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The Tooth Fairy came last night

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Okay, okay, I know that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist. But I couldn’t resist telling Jeremy about the tooth-for-money fairy compensation program (they must have unionized or something) when he lost his first tooth ever last night.

In my mind he needed the fable to calm him after mom and daddy pulled and twisted, wiggled and jiggled the poor bicuspid until it “fell” out. Between the tears and the blood (just a little), the laughter and the cheers I comforted my little boy with the thought of getting money from the little fairy that loves teeth (come to think of it that’s a little weird. I’ve heard of stamp collectors but tooth collectors? He/she must be a cat lover…see my last post for more info on that)

For those of you who think it’s wrong to talk to kids about fables and fairys and such, please cut me a break. Let me give you a few reasons to give a little slack to the Stier man:

  1. I believed in the tooth fairy as a kid and it didn’t affect me negatively on any level (on second thought….)
  2. Jeremy’s “theology” is pretty solid for a six year old anyway. He’s knows the real meaning of Christmas, Easter, etc. He knows that Santa isn’t real (although he chooses to pretend like he believes in Santa for tradition’s sake and so that he won’t crush daddy!)
  3. He told me this morning that he didn’t believe in the tooth fairy anyway. He told me that he/she (?) doesn’t exist and that it was an angel that left the money. I asked him if was it “the tooth angel”? He said, “No dad. Just a regular angel.”

I love being a daddy. I love telling you these stories. Thanks for reading my kooky blog. Gotta go…my tooth kind of hurts.

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