Vacation starts today!

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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We’re off!

Today kicks off our annual vacation week of Stier family fun. Where are we headed this year? An exotic tropical location (where I have a tendency to run out of gas at the top of volcanos)? No. This year we are headed around our own great state…Colorado! We are praying that between the hiking, swimming, ATVing and the fishing we all have an absolute BLAST in the awesome beauty of our majestic state.

We have had a family vacation every year since Debbie and I got married in 1991. Why do I think it’s important? Because my primary responsibility is not to Dare 2 Share but to my own wife and kids. My prayer is that these vacations will create unforgettable memories of fun, worship and all-around-craziness that my wife and kids will never forget.

I love being a husband.  I love being a daddy. I’m far from perfect at it. But I sure am enjoying the journey.

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