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How to share Jesus with a cult member

Greg Stier
Greg Stier


Yesterday I was sitting on the plane next to a man who espoused the beliefs of “The Way International“, a cult started by Victor Paul Wierwille in 1942. This hard core group of men and women reject the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity, have a skewed view of Jesus and the Holy Spirit and have been accused by many former members of using high pressure tactics to keep their followers committed.

When he first sat down next to me on the plane I began to ask this man about his background. Soon his connection with The Way International  came up. To be honest, my first reaction in these types of situations is to immedialey attack the bad theology. Like Al Pacino in Scarface I want to break out my gospel gun and scream, “Say hello to my little friend!”

Instead, I began to ask questions, listen and pray for wisdom as he shared his beliefs. The more I listened the more he opened up about how some of the tactics of this group had turned him off.

Eventually he shared how he was actually not fellowshipping with them anymore because he didn’t think they understood love and grace. That’s when the Lord opened the door for me to say, “Let me ask you something. If they are wrong about love and grace have you ever considered whether or not they could be wrong about their view of doctrine, even their view of the Trinity?” 

He paused for a moment and then said yes.

From that moment on it was a different conversation. I shared with him a few passages from Scripture to think about regarding the Trinity and encouraged him to get connected to a church I knew of in his area. 

I’ll never forget his last words as I disembarked  the plane. He said, “Greg, I’m going to exegete those passages you gave me and make sure I’m interpreting those accurately. I want to get this right.”

Pray for this man as he wrestles through the claims of the Bible and theology of the Trinity. Pray that he puts his faith in the Jesus of the Bible (not the one re-imagined by Wierwille) to pay the price for his sin. Pray that he gets connected to a church that will help him embrace grace and thrive in his faith.

To help you in your quest to share Jesus with someone in a cult or world religion, download our free Dare 2 Share app. There’s an entire segment on it dedicated to showing you how to share Jesus with 13 different worldviews (Mormons, Muslims, Wiccans, JW’s, Atheists, etc.) It’s free and pretty cool.

But, more than anything else, learn how to pray, love and listen to those you are talking to about Jesus. When you do the walls go down and the Gospel can go out in a gentle and effective way.

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