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It’s Time to Fix the Failure of Youth Ministry

There is something broken in youth ministry, but there is hope. It's time to fix a broken system and get teens the hope they need.
Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Something is broken in youth ministry. The stats prove—and deep inside we all know—that it’s failing to produce a generation of committed, Jesus-loving, disciple-making disciples.

But, what do we do about it?

Over the past nine months, I’ve been traveling and speaking to youth leaders all over the country (and the world) about this topic. On October 24th, I’m hosting a free youth leader webinar called The Failure of Youth Ministry… and how to fix it

The challenges ahead feel overwhelming, but there is hope.

In this interactive youth leader webinar, I will be examining where we’ve gone wrong and provide practical, doable solutions you can put in motion immediately to see students passionately pursue Christ and share their faith with others.

Sign up here and make plans to join us and invite others in ministry to tune in to the training.

We need your voice, your opinions, your ideas. We are all fighting the same battle for the souls of our students, and like in any fight, there is strength in numbers. Working, learning, and praying together for the redemption of youth ministry and the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Join us Monday for the webinar and then join the movement to see every teen, everywhere, hear the Gospel from a friend. 

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